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Vivy Prototype 1 - Chapter 1.03

July 7, 2021

In this subchapter Diva's guest formally introduces themselves as the AI Matsumoto, who's been sent into the past to work with Diva to prevent the collapse of humanity that is said to occur 100 years in the future. Will Diva partake in this century long pipe dream of a project that the fast talking AI has introduced or will she doubt the origins and trustyworthiness of the AI claiming to be from an apocalpytic future?

Vivy Prototype 1 - Chapter 1.02

July 3, 2021

Chapter 1.02 follows Diva as she continues what could potentially be considered her life at Nialand away from her meek spotlight as she unwinds and is visited by a peculiar and most certainly unwelcome guest. As unwelcome as they are the guest brings important information that causes the closest thing to a humourous response from Diva. Just who could this arrogant indivdual be?

Vivy Prototype 1 - Chapter 1.01

June 26, 2021

The start of a 100 year long journey. A story of highs and lows, a learning experience for all as a singing AI embarks on the mission of her lifetime. Vivy Prototype is the Light Novel version of the popular Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song, the series is penned by the famous Nagatsuki Tappei, creator of Re: Zero. Included in this first chapter translation release is the prologue of Vivy Prototype, which explains how the situation in which Diva finds herself comes to be.

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